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AHA Insurance Network
  • 1250 S. 3rd Street
    Louisville, KY 40203

The mission of AHA Insurance Network is to help create, retain, and grow independent agents in the states of Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee.

Strategic Independent Agents Alliance (SIAA) is a nationwide alliance dedicated to helping smaller independent property and casualty agencies grow while increasing their income and value.

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What to Expect


AHA is a master agency within the national insurance agent’s network known as SIAA (STRATEGIC INDEPENDENT AGENCY ALLIANCE). Our mission at AHA Insurance Network is to help create, retain and grow independent agents in the state of Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee. The MASTER AGENCY known as AHA Insurance Network signed on with SIAA in 1997. We currently have 135+ agencies with over $375,000,000 in premium.

Strength and Stability

Our goal is to provide access to the leading regional and national insurance carriers, with a primary objective of obtaining direct appointments with targeted carriers for all of our members. There is power in large numbers. AHA is a Regional Master Agency under a national insurance distribution network called SIAA. We are 135+ agency members strong.