1601 Whippoorwill Road, Louisville, KY 40213, USA
1601 Whippoorwill Road Louisville Kentucky 40213 US

Applied Behavior Analysis, referred to as ABA, is based on the science of learning. ABA is used to create positive and meaningful changes in behavior by changing an individual’s environment using evidence-based teaching strategies. There are decades of research that support the effectiveness of ABA in treating not only children with autism spectrum disorders, but in teaching skills and increasing appropriate behavior for children and teenagers with a variety of behavioral concerns.

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The mission of Anna Behavioral Services, LLC is to improve our client’s quality of life, increase community access and independence for those we serve.

About the Owner

Josh Anna is a board certified behavior analyst (BCBA), licensed to serve those in need in Kentucky and surrounding areas. Josh focuses on working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, specializing in autism spectrum disorder (ASD).


Mon – Fri | 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Sat – Sun | Appointment Only

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