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We started making lemonade in 2017 when we entered the Lemonade Day Louisville competition. We learned a lot about how to market our business, figure out our costs and save money. We also had a lot of fun making delicious new recipes! We spent a lot of time in the kitchen mixing and tasting until we got the perfect recipes. We wanted to make sure that we used fresh ingredients, especially fresh herbs, that will taste good and be good for you. The best part of earning through Lemonade Day was being able to bring awareness to and help some of our favorite charities like the Humane Society and The Pulmonary Hypertension Association.


Meet the Lemonade Baristas

Christopher, 8

Christopher is in 3rd grade and is wild about Legos. He aspires to be the world’s best architect. He also loves math, to play chess, draw and conquer as many worlds as he can in Super Mario (all while drinking a tall glass of lemonade)

Estella, 11

Estella is in 5th grade and is bananas about animals. She loves cuddling with her cat Cutie and aspires to be a cardiologist. She loves field hockey, debating, fashion design and baking delicious treats to compliment a tall glass of lemonade.

Rayna, 11

Rayna is in 5th grade and is crazy about cats, especially her cats Max and Toby. She has a very calming presence and aspires to be an anesthesiologist. She loves to play tennis, read, sketch, and write poems all fueled by a refreshing glass of lemonade.

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