1002 East Elm Street, New Albany, IN 47150, USA
1002 East Elm Street New Albany Indiana 47150 US

We help identify a Slice of the Good Life!

We all deserve a SLICE of the good life no matter what age, gender, or diagnosis. And, to each person and family that SLICE may look inherently different. For some the good life is being able to go on a date night with their spouse or beau without the stress of who will be able to provide care to their loved one, and to others it is knowing that their loved one is being supported to find their own SLICE of the good life. That love one being a young child struggling with challenging behaviors at school or daycare up to and including their adult son or daughter moving onto adult transitions such as a new home, a new job, a new housemate. And still for some, the SLICE of the good life is simply knowing that they are not alone and that there is support to identify the methodology to identify how to create a Simple Living In the Complex Environments we find ourselves in.


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