Bradfordsville, KY, USA
302 East Main Street Bradfordsville Kentucky 40009 US

Unlike many soaps you will find out there, we use our own goats milk for our products, along with locally sourced lard and honey. Freya (who’s udder is pictured) and Ana were our first milk goats, and we now have a total of 6 does in our herd; five of whom are our current milk providers. Freya is a three year old Alpine doe and was our first goat. Ana is a Toggenburg Alpine cross, along with her sister, Lagertha, who is a year younger. We also have two Nubians, Luna and Mary Anne, along with a Guernsey Nubian cross Ginger. Our girls are only fed non-gmo locally sourced feed from Sunny Pasture to provide the best raw milk, and have been non-gmo for generations. We do offer raw milk herd shares if you’re within an hour and a half of our homestead. The girls graze our 30 acres of pasture, hills and hollers in good weather, and they especially love the cooler weather when we all go on goat walks through the creeks and woods together.

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