6603 River Road, Prospect, KY 40059, USA
6603 River Road Prospect Kentucky 40059 US

We are a client-focused firm. Most of our business comes from our existing clients and referrals. We are sincerely grateful for all of our clients who recommend us to others, for our new clients, and for those with whom we have built special relationships. We appreciate them all for placing their trust in us and recommending their family, friends, and co-workers to us. We have been able to make a difference in many peoples’ lives that we would never have met if it wasn’t for our clients who support and advocate us. For this reason, we choose to invest our time and resources back into our clients.


Mon-Fri | 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Fri-Sat | By Appointment

What to Expect

Our Mission

Empowering families to create the financial destiny they desire by revolutionizing the way they spend, save, invest, and grow their money.

Our Philosophy

In terms of functionality, we believe there are no bad investment products and services; however, there is bad investment advice.

Our Process

We provide a comprehensive approach to financial planning.

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