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Chiropractors in Louisville believe the body is self healing and regulating. The nervous system controls everything in your body. Stress adversely affects our health by affecting our nervous systems ability control the processes of self healing and regulation. Chiropractic removes the interference caused by stress so that the nervous system can control healing and regulation.

What to Expect

What sets Wolter Chiropractic Center apart from other chiropractic offices?

A unique factor about Wolter Chiropractic Center is that they are one of less that 10% of Chiropractors in the world who have invested in and trained on a space foundation certified technology which performs scientifically accurate tests that allow us to see how lifestyle stress is adversely affecting your general health and nervous system.

What our Louisville KY Chiropractor wants you to know:

We are concerned with the health of our community. We believe everyone has the freedom of choice in their own lives. We want our practice members to understand and enjoy the benefits of true wellness for a lifetime. We want to offer that to you and your family with our Chiropractic care.


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