FEAT of Louisville & Best Buddies Kentucky are Creating Friendships

Louisville, KY

For many children on the autism spectrum, developing friendships can be a challenge. FEAT of Louisville and Best Buddies Kentucky are helping to create friendships for teens and young adults with autism and those without. All FEAT participants are matched with their “buddy” based on their similar lines/dislikes

FEAT High School aged boys with autism will be matched with Trinity High School students. FEAT Girls and boys 19 and older will be matched with Spalding University students.

To apply:

  • Click the “Register Today” link below
  • Choose Membership Application from the menu
  • Select High School or College
  • Click “New” or “Returning Member”
  • Where it asks “Select the school you are associated” please find either Trinity High School or Spalding University
  • Finish and submit

The deadline to apply is Friday, September 29, 2017. You will receive a call from Best Buddies shortly after the application deadline.


What is Best Buddies? Best Buddies is an international non-profit organization established in 1989 by Anthony Kennedy Shriver. Best Buddies is dedicated to establishing a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).

Best Buddies programs are student-run organizations that partner students with and without IDD in one-to-one, peer friendships. Together, buddy pairs encourage a more inclusive community by providing an example of mutually enriching friendship. Each Best Buddies chapter is supported by an inclusive officer team, a faculty advisor, a special education advisor and a Best Buddies staff member.

The Way Best Buddies Works:

  • Students with and without IDD are matched in one-to-one friendships (“buddy pairs”).
    • Buddy pairs are matched for one academic year.
    • Buddy pairs talk once a week: by phone, email, text message, letters, cards, etc.
    • Pairs spend time with each other twice a month (e.g. catch a movie, go shopping, play sports, etc.)
  • Students can join the chapter as “associate members” without committing to a one-to-one friendship.
  • All members attend chapter meetings and participate in group social activities.

Any questions about Best Buddies or the status of a Best Buddies chapter at your school? Contact:Emily Willis, Program Manager, Best Buddies Kentucky | [email protected]

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