Autism Service Providers

Adapt for Life is dedicated to ensuring that your child will learn and grow!  Your child will receive an individual treatment plan, shaped by your child’s needs and designed to help your child thrive. All of our therapies are based on the latest research, and visits are conducted by board-certified Behavior Program Supervisors.

We have State-of-the-Art Therapy Tools & Techniques – For ABA therapy, we track a child’s progress online, with reports and graphs you can access via our parent portal. We will collaborate and work with your child’s physician, other therapists, teachers, and any other team members to ensure your child is able to reach their full potential.

We provide center-based ABA services as well as in home therapy, school services, and community training. We are in-network with all major health insurance plans and willing to work with out-of-network insurance plans.

Anna Behavioral Services, LLC (ABS) provides high quality ABA services to individuals diagnosed with autism. We focus on working with individuals and their families in the home/community setting. The mission of Anna Behavioral Services, LLC is to improve our client’s quality of life, increase community access and independence for those we serve. We provide in home and community based ABA therapy, school consultations and caregiver training from ages 2 through adulthood. ABS serves the following counties: Jefferson, Hardin, Bullitt, Spencer, Shelby, Oldham and Meade and accepts the following insurances: Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, Aetna and Tricare Prime and Select.

ABA, LLC is committed to providing the highest quality behavioral services and related therapies.

They provide: Functional Behavior Assessments, Behavior Support Plan Development, Training for Caregivers, Monitoring of Implemented Plans, Early Intervention Services (Autism), In Home Behavior Therapy, MR/DD Crisis Services.

We are a new but rapidly growing therapy center offering speech, OT, PT, psychology, audiology, marital and family therapy and a multi-sensory learning center. We accept many types of insurance and are a Michelle P provider. Many of our therapists also do First Steps work in addition to their work with APT. We serve patients at our main office in Shelbyville, The Luci Center, All About Kids, Carriage House Preschool (current students only), and will be partnering with Down Syndrome of Louisville and SIGS Sportsplex in New Albany in the coming weeks to serve patients at additional locations.

The Autism Society of Kentuckiana (ASK) is a non-profit organization serving Greater Louisville and Southern Indiana that provides support for families affected by ASD. ASK provides resources and education for families and individuals through our monthly meetings, workshops and social events. ASK is run completely by volunteers and relies on membership dues, fundraisers and donations to fund its services.

The Autism Society of Kentuckiana (A.S.K.) holds support and informational meetings for parents on the second Saturday of every month from 10:00 a.m. to noon at the Kentucky School for the Blind.


Serving the Greater Louisville area since 1913, the Bingham Clinic is a non-profit organization committed to quality care for emotionally disturbed children and their families. Thorough evaluation and care diagnosis are the hallmarks of our care. Individualized treatment plans are developed in a variety of therapeutic settings depending upon the special needs of each child and family. Our highly skilled staff, composed of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, psychiatric nurses, and expressive therapists provide care for the outpatient, inpatient and partial hospitalization (day treatment) services. For many children and adolescents who experience difficulties in learning that affect their school performance, psychological assessment is desirable. These services also are available at the Bingham Child Guidance Center.

Bluegrass Center for Autism offers a unique learning enviroment where the child/instructor ratio is 1:1. BCA specializes exclusively in teachin children with autism and developmental disabilities. They are commited to giving kids and young adults a brighter future. BCA’s mission is to provide children with autism the ability to communicate with the world around thema dn to ensure they have the skills they need to be independent in adulthood and thrive within their communities. BCA accepts individuals  ages 4-21.

Carriage House Educational Services & Preschool is owned and operated by the Kentucky Center for Special Children’s Services, Inc. In 2003, Carriage House collaborated with FEAT (Families for Effective Autism Treatment) of Louisville to extend the traditional preschool program to provide a specialized, intensive program for children with autism and other developmental disabilities. The Endeavor Program is geared toward serving the unique educational needs of these children. Today, Carriage House Educational Services & Preschool continues to provide quality services to individuals, families, organizations and educational facilities through our trained and experienced staff.

The Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD) was established by Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh in 1990.  Dr. Granpeesheh studied autism treatment for 12 years under the direction of renowned autism treatment scientist Dr. Ivar Lovaas at the University of California, Los Angeles. Dr. Lovaas discovered that intensive early intervention using applied behavior analysis (ABA) yielded a 47 percent recovery rate among individuals with autism who participated in his study.

The Chatter Box provides speech, occupational and physical therapy, as well as developmental intervention, preschool, and tutoring services to children in Oldham County and the surrounding areas.

We provide educational services to young children, beginning at age 2. Groups will be small and led by a certified teacher specializing in early intervention. We also have preschool for 3 to 5 year olds that need a smaller group setting to meet their identified needs. Children without disabilities are also a vital part of our programs as they provide peer models for children in need of developing social and communication skills.

The Chatter Box will support the needs of children and families in Oldham and surrounding counties by providing resources across all areas of development, as well as family outreach activities, support groups and training opportunities for parents and other professionals. We love serving our children, our families, and our community.

Our mission is to offer high-quality therapy services provided by well-trained, experienced therapists. As part of this mission, we offer resources, education, and support to parents and families. Services include OT, Speech Therapy, Free screening from birth to age 7, Sensory Integration Treatment, Handwriting Without Tears, Therapeutic Listening, Neuro-Development Treatment, and Interactive Metronome.

The Council on Developmental Disabilities, a private non-profit association of families and friends of persons with mental retardation, has been advocating for persons with mental retardation in Jefferson County since 1952. The Council is a member agency of Metro United Way. Additional funding sources include: private, state, and federal grants; self-generated and program fees; foundation gifts and grants; and donations from the general public. Please contact us for any assistance concerning your family issues around disabilities.

Creative Family Counseling is the private practice of Lacey Ryan, LMFT, who provides counseling services to children, adolescents and their families. Lacey utilizes both play and art therapy techniques with young clients, which allows them to express themselves in developmentally appropriate ways. Something else unique to the therapeutic experience at CFC is Lola the Great Dane. She and Lacey are a Certified Pet Therapy team. She offers a calm and quiet presence to clients at CFC. Lacey treats a variety of issues, such as behavioral problems, mood issues, anxiety, adjustment from family changes, or the effects of a traumatic experience. She is also very passionate about working with neuro-typical children who are siblings to those with ASD and other special needs.

Dreams With Wings is a Louisville non-profit that provides quality community-based residential housing and support services to individuals with intellectual disabilities, developmental disabilities, and autism. It is our mission to empower these individuals as they recognize their strengths, contribute to their community and pursue their dreams. Our services include community based residential housing, therapies, Community Living Supports, Respite, Supported Employment including job coaching and placement, inclusive Adult Day Programs, Youth Summer Camps, and Teen/Young Adult programs.

FIND of Louisville (Family Information Network on Disabilities) helps families with children with disabilities to navigate the educational system. By knowing their rights, supporting each other and working together, families can be powerful and make good things happen for their children. Through the Jefferson County Public Schools, the Family Resource Centers and other community organizations, FIND can help educate parents and educators on the processes surrounding IDEA, 504 and the importance of working together for the educational growth of our children.


Green Hill Therapy provides comprehensive therapy including the healing power of the horse to optimize independence and maximize the quality of life for children with special needs. We provide both clinical physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy in conjunction with horses via the tools of hippotherapy and therapeutic riding.

Our team of highly trained therapists are dedicated to providing integrative care to a diverse population of children who have a wide range of physical, behavioral and cognitive limitations. Our mission is to create opportunities for children to master developmental tasks, increase performance capacity, and achieve greater functional skills and independence in their home, school, and community.

Evaluation and provision of treatment in collaboration with the child, family, or other relevant individuals. Physical, occupational and speech therapy services include assessment by means of skilled and functional observations via the administration and careful interpretation of formal (standardized) and informal (non-standardized) tests and measurements.

Interventions directed toward developing, enhancing, maintaining or reestablishing daily living skills, including play or leisure skills, self-help skills, and pre-vocational skills. Education of the child, family or other relevant individuals involved in the child’s daily life.

The Home and Community Based (HCB) waiver is part of Kentucky’s 1915(c) HCBS Medicaid waiver program. HCB provides assistance to the elderly or to adults and children with physical disabilities to help them live in the community as independently as possible. 

HCB offers a variety of services to support each participant’s goals and preferences. Services include but are not limited to: 

Adult Day Health Care, Attendant Care, Environmental and Minor Home Adaptation, Home Delivered Meals, Non-Specialized and Specialized Respite Care

Heartfelt Solutions provides innovative behavioral health services by approaching service planning in a compassionate and collaborative manner. All services provided by us are person centered to ensure our work revolves around the client’s best interests. Heartfelt Solutions understands the importance of collaborating with families and other professionals to optimally support the individuals we serve. We value those personally important to the individual as well as the expertise of occupational therapists, psychologists, physical therapists, speech therapists, teachers or any other support professional.

Home of the Innocents has expanded services to include children and families dealing with autism. Our goal is to not only address behaviors and skill deficits, but to also help facilitate healthy, cohesive, thriving families who have learned to accept, love, and understand the autistic child. Our extensively trained staff uses behavioral intervention, family support/counseling, parent education, sibling psycho-education, communication facilitation, and a number of other behavioral, psychodynamic and family systems techniques to work with these families. There is also specialization in Outpatient Speech Therapy and Outpatient Occupational Therapy.

From autism diagnosis assessments and applied behavior analysis (ABA therapy) to parent training and other complementary therapies, we can help your kiddo build the communication and functional living skills he or she needs to thrive. Contact us to start the conversation and schedule an evaluation to get your child started on the path to a brighter future. Evidence shows early identification and early interventions starting as early as 15 months old has a major impact on school readiness and overall progress for children with autism and developmental delays.

KCC provides quality chiropractic health care to children with special needs regardless of their ability to pay for those services. Other services offered include cranial sacral therapy, movement therapy, art therapy and nutritional counseling including the GFCF diet.

The mission of the Kentucky Autism Training Center is to enhance supports for persons with autism by providing information and technical assistance to families and service providers across Kentucky. The KATC provides school-based consultations, family technical assistance, and training activities for promoting the early identification of autism in young children.

Marin Autism Interventions, LLC is a small practice that provides Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services to the underserved rural areas of Breckinridge, Meade, Hancock, Fort Knox, and Daviess Counties. We offer both center-based and home-based therapy for children ages 3-17 years. Center-based offices are located in Hardinsburg and Owensboro. We accept private insurance through Humana, Anthem, Tricare, and Aetna. The owner, Shannon Priddy-Marin is a Licensed and Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She was inspired by her oldest son, who was diagnosed with ASD when he was 6. Her son received intensive ABA therapy throughout childhood and at the age of 16 was able to have his diagnosis removed due to the significant gains he made. He is now 21 years old and lives independently and has graduated from a technical program at Piedmont Technical College in Greenwood, SC.

Mariposa Place is an SCL-licensed ADT located in the heart of Louisville’s art community. This unique and exciting program provides life-enhancing services to individuals with mental retardation and developmental disabilities. We offer an innovative “Arts Focused” program that integrates individual choice and need with supportive community-based opportunities. Our program provides the opportunity for individuals to experience the creative arts, such as visual arts, music, movement, theater, and poetry.

Meaningful Day Services, Inc. (MDS) is an Indiana-based company that provides therapies, residential and adult day supports to individuals with developmental disabilities. Meaningful Day Services was initially developed in 1994, as it became apparent there were significant shortages for quality home based therapy services for individuals with disabilities. Our staff continues to bring compassionate experience in serving individuals with disabilities. We now offer therapeutic services statewide in Indiana to ensure that quality services are available for the disabled population across the state.



UofL Health – Peace Hospital (formerly KentuckyOne Health – Our Lady of Peace), is a private, not-for-profit behavioral health care hospital. Founded in 1951 by the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, the 261-bed hospital is one of the largest psychiatric facilities in the nation providing care for children, adolescents and adults.

Our Kosair Charities Children’s Peace Center is the largest and most comprehensive private provider of youth inpatient behavioral health services in the country. Peace operates a full continuum of behavioral health and substance use services for patients. Specialty programs for children and adolescents who have complex treatment needs, such as intellectual or developmental disabilities; forensic issues for females; and/or co-occurring substance use issues are also offered.

We train therapy and service dogs. Our therapy dogs work in nursing homes, schools, libraries and other areas in which the participants benefit form canine care. Our service dogs include: Autism, mobility, diabetic alert and PTSD or other anxiety disorders.

We are trainer members of the International Assoc. of Assistance Dog Partners, an evaluator for the AKC Canine Good Citizen test and the Kentucky Field Trainer for Paws With A Cause.

If you have IDD (intellectual & developmental disabilities)or love someone with IDD, then here at The Council, you are family. You will not be left behind. And you will not be forgotten. We believe every life matters and our differences should be embraced and celebrated. We commit to every Kentuckian with IDD, at every stage of life. From prenatal diagnosis to the end of life, we strive to be your advocate and friend.

Social Development is a private practice run and operated by Licensed Board Certified Behavior Analysts. Social Development provides clinic and community based Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy in Radcliff, KY.  We provide direct therapy services to individuals ages birth through adulthood diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Social Development utilizes Verbal Behavior Therapy to develop language and acquisition of social skills. Verbal Behavior Therapy is a form of Applied Behavior Analysis, that is based on B.F. Skinner’s analysis of language. Verbal Behavior Therapy is a functional language approach that uses motivation to guide the development of language and social skills. 

At Square One we start with Evaluation.  When concerns arise regarding a child’s development, the whole family is affected. We understand the stress our families feel as they search for answers to their questions.

Some developmental differences may isolate a child and prevent him or her from growing into a productive, happy adult. When differences become problems in a child’s life, diagnosis and intervention can increase skills, both socially and physically. Helping a child grow and develop into his or her maximum potential is every parent’s deepest desire. As your child’s doctors, it is our commitment to help you reach that goal.

At Square One, we offer thorough medical, psychological, and speech-language evaluations for children:  toddler through adolescence. We also consult with parents, school personnel, and physicians to determine and provide guidance on how interactions affect behavior. Our task is to identify differences in development that may separate a child from success and to suggest proven methods to address those differences.

Therapeutic horseback riding lessons located on a peaceful 43 acre farm, with an indoor arena, a round pen, and miles of trails. Just minutes from Louisville.  The program develops horsemanship by providing lessons in caring for the horses and their equipment before moving on to the activities on horseback. The care of, and relationships established with, horses inspire confidence and responsibility. Riders learn balance and coordination, while receiving deep muscle stimulation not reached through conventional therapy. Other benefits of this educational and enjoyable experience include improved risk taking, development of patience, emotional control, and self discipline.

Our Mission at the Kid SpOt Center is to provide supports to families of children with disabilities. We strive to help families live each day with the greatest ease possible. We strive to provide quality services to all children in hopes of increasing their ability to be an independent and functioning member of society. We want to provide community resources and other information to families of children with disabilities to help integrate services community wide. We feel that each child, and their family, is an important member of our community. We want to empower the families to make informed decisions about their child and the care they receive.

Transformations is an association of Kentucky mental health professionals who share the common goal of providing emotional, social, mental, and spiritual support to at-risk children and their families. Transformations accepts referrals from individuals, social service professionals, and agencies to provide IMPACT Plus services funded by Kentucky Medicaid to eligible children with complex behavioral healthcare needs.

At the UofL Music Therapy Center, they provide cutting edge research based music therapy thechniques for all ages to address: joint attention, social communication, sensory regulation and they provide a thriving adaptive lessons program! All ages are served here and we currently only accept private pay. They do operate using the National Sliding Fee Scale for discounts based o income of family to make service affordable.

The Weisskopf Child Evaluation Center (WCEC) in the Department of Pediatrics at Norton Children’s Hospital is a unique tertiary center that provides center-based and outreach diagnostic evaluations and treatment to infants and children with, or at risk for, developmental disabilities, congenital anomalies, genetic disorders, autism, organic behavior disorders (ADHD) and learning disabilities, as well as genetic counseling to adults. State-of-the-art treatment programs serve children and adolescents with autism and infants and children with feeding disorders. Comprehensive care of children with inborn errors of metabolism is provided through medical and dietary management and enzyme infusion. WCEC staff actively participates in the training of professionals involved in the care of these individuals and is involved in clinical research in both developmental/behavioral pediatrics and genetics. It maintains national, state and local prominence through its many unique programs.