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By “signing” your name, and checking each box, you are agreeing to the following details: Business will agree that all upper level management submits to the same training as employees. This enables management to create compassionate and exceptional customer service from the top, down. 80% of employees who personally deal with customers must be trained. (training for level 1 will include access to a 10 minute video with a required, brief, assessment to ensure that the video was viewed and understood. Certified business will keep available “feedback questionnaire cards”, provided by the Autism Friendly Business Initiative, for all customers to complete as requested. For business with multiple locations, 80% of employees from each location must be trained via the online videos in order for each location to receive certification. ANNUAL RE-CERTIFICATION: The Autism Friendly Business Initiative requires that re-certification be completed on an annual basis (this pertains to level 1 particularly) and on a date specified by your AFBI Representative. Because we believe that empowerment comes through knowledge, we want to keep you abreast of new material or modifications that will enable even your newest employees to provide compassionate customer service. The relationship may be terminated if and when any of the following conditions occur: 1. Training falls below 80% or 2. After 3 warnings (If a Business receives 3 or more complaints from the customer feedback cards, a meeting with an AFBI Representative will be requested to discuss a reasonable remediation plan. If the plan is not successfully met within 60 days, certification may be revoked.