What is the Autism Friendly Business Initiative (AFBI)?

“Transforming communities one business at a time”

The Autism Friendly Business Initiative (AFBI) is a training program created by Families for Effective Autism Treatment (FEAT) to build a community of local businesses dedicated to the inclusion of people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in all aspects of life.

Because ASD can impact the way an individual communicates and interacts with others, families impacted by ASD often report feeling alienated or unwelcome in public spaces, leaving them searching for ways to integrate themselves into everyday life.

The AFBI is designed to equip your organization – no matter its shape or size – with the tools necessary to better serve the ASD population. It teaches your team techniques to recognize signs of ASD and better communicate with individuals who exhibit those signs. When team members understand how to react, families feel accepted. When families find businesses they can depend on, businesses gain customers for life.

How can my organization get involved as an Autism Friendly Business?

Your decision to get involved with the Autism Friendly Business Initiative will have an irreversible impact on the way your team members perceive ASD and other developmental disorders. FEAT is confident that such an impact will surely cause a ripple effect capable of creating change in the community at large.

The AFBI logo communicates that a particular business is not only accepting, but understanding of those with autism. The business has been provided with education to successfully set up a ‘judgment free’ zone for them and their families. Families, or individuals with ASD, would enter the business and expect to be received and treated as any other member of our community.

FEAT of Louisville and the Autism Friendly Community working group focuses on training and supporting businesses to breakdown education and perceptional barriers to welcome and support customers with autism and their families. We provide the opportunity to businesses of any size to receive autism awareness certification and ongoing support. Our approach is simple and straightforward.


Join the growing number of businesses in Kentuckiana who want to set themselves apart from others by investing in compassionate and exceptional customer service and enriching the economy with a specialized workforce.

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